Friday, September 11, 2009

X 1

How impressive is it to fire off a tube of propellant sitting on its side?

Ask Charlie P!

He was "very impressed."

We'll pay for the cab to take him home after the next Fourth of July fireworks.

We wouldn't want him driving in that condition.


Anonymous said...

i guess it was a nice test. If the casing had failed
that would have been bad. The thing is the supports
looked odd.

in a real test, this would have loaded the front
and had no hold downs at the end.

because in flight the Solid will be unsupported
and twisting. I'd like to see those twist loads
induced and the motor gimballing against them.

Anonymous said...

what i like is they claim the ground test showed "No sign of Thrust oscillation". I may be an idiot but
don't all ground tests have low oscillation as the motor is fastened down. TO is a free flight
pheonemna, just as Pogo is.