Friday, September 11, 2009


Immanuel Kant would have had an explanation for it. "Each, according to his own inclination follows his own purpose, often in opposition to others; yet each individual and people, as if following some guiding thread, go towards a natural but to each of them unknown goal; all work toward furthering it, even if they would set little store by it if they did know it."

So go the Barons of Industry. Each having their own compass, they all found their way by separate paths and gathered with the judas Viceroy of the muddy lake to lay out the battle plan. "Stay the course! We are the Chosen Ones. We shall not give up our just spoils."

And so the plan is coming together to lay waste to the E Street playbill. Whatever it turns out to be.

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kT said...

Congressional testimony from the retard representative sector puts this all into clear perspective now.

Bimbos are US.