Friday, September 25, 2009

Dampening Spirits, Take 2

Ares 1 needs a damper. Yet, in an attempt to keep an unsustainable program going, our friends in Utah tied a rocket to the ground at multiple points (need we point out the stiffening advantage of that?) and declared victory when the system failed to chirp like an organ. Now, even Viceroy Gerst is trying to damp down the enthusiasm for overstating the facts.

Remember, the bladder busting is somewhat probabilistic in nature. It sometimes even appears in shuttle flights, albeit at much reduced magnitude, but not on every motor. Drawing good news conclusions from one test, pinned to the ground, is folly. Proposing Ares 1 as a tech development program for Ares V is also folly. And taking a crap shoot like Ares 1X is desperate folly. But, these are the kind of fool's games that will be played from here to cancellation.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone getting the job of Administrator who doesn't have a clue as to how to run the organization or how to achieve the boss' marching orders. Keep Ares 1 as a demonstration program? To demonstrate what? That we really can't do the program with the $$'s we have? Or to demonstrate that it was undoable to begin with? Is that a KoolAide pitcher I see on the credenza?

Boeing submits a proposal for a Delta rocket while holding the contract on Ares. Now, there is a real vote of confidence! It contains a hidden threat for the Ares employees - if Delta goes through, you are history because Delta already has a solid, experienced workforce. Liberally translated, Boeing stands ready to jettison hundreds of workers if it can capture the proposed launch services. It doesn't call its' people 'resources' for nothing! Dollars before people!

And what of the Nasarites that mucked up Ares 1? No need for them if Delta goes through because Boeing is too smart to let any of them within miles of the design.

The Delta idea makes my stock look good, it makes my retirement look good, it makes our prospects for continued space operations look good and it keeps Ares right where it always belonged - on paper!

kT said...

We are now entering the night of the living dead. Don't worry, it's only a movie.

Anonymous said...

Dampening Spirits Take 3:

You recall that fun video of the engineers 'wobbling' the I-X on the Pad the other day?

Well the nose of the LAS is now permanently 2 feet off-center because of that fun. Problem is, they don't know why!

Has a joint settled and the bolts holding it together are now loose in places? Has some structure buckled slightly?

Exhaustive new tests are needed in the VAB. And that's on top of the 30 days extra needed to modify the vehicle for RSO - and that only if they get approval.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - you are likely referring to that too smart Boeing that is years behind on the Dreamliner, overran by billions and billions of dollars on ISS, has seen corruption rampant at the highest levels of the company (yes - Darlene and co), and on and on and on. Yes - just give the money to Boeing - better, with no strings. The American taxpayer will be all the better for it! Ha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As far as the five segment test on the ground - what exactly did you want them to do? There have been static fire tests through the ages. Does this one prove out everything? No. Was it supposed to? No. Did it meet its objectives? Probably. Really - you want to take potshots but why don't you state how the test could have been improved.

Anonymous said...

Someone have a real link to legitimate link that mentions where Ares is now "2 feet off center" or is this more whining?

pat said...
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