Sunday, September 27, 2009

Midnight Oil

On the heels of the GAO report questioning the grand scheme of things, the poor minions are going through a lot of #2 pencils this weekend looking for, but not finding, extra nines in the corndog risk analysis. The not so prideful new owners on Pennsylvania Avenue are still hoping to renovate the E Street Theater and are pushing back against the historical (some would say hysterical) preservationists questioning their intent to proceed with the Fourth of July spectacular on October 27.

Amidst all of the pencil grinding, the playbill is being drawn up. Come October 9, LoriAndI will share the scrimmage plans with the rest of the senior minions (and the Barons of Industry).

Soon after, the final battle will be engaged.


Anonymous said...

The play for this final battle is simple: Draw it out just a little.

If they can make this play last just a little while (not difficult given the exceptional speed of government departments within the beltway), most of the final 6 missions will already have left the roost, most of the workers will have gone home for the last time and all that infrastructure will be all perfectly suited to "Abandon in Place" -- as so much before it has been.

At that point change will come as certainly as the sun will rise.

kT said...

I do hope somebody thought this through enough to put in place some reasonable evacuation plans.

You know, in case things go awry.

Godzilla said...

The tall thin corndog kind of reminds me of Vanguard with a flimsier launch support. Hmmm...