Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who Needs Ethics Anyway?

An ethics waiver has been granted to the new Band Leader allowing him to serve despite his previous work with two of E Street's big contractors, SAIC and GenCorp.

The waiver remains silent on Alliant Techsystems. Perhaps that's just not going to be an issue in the near future? Or could it be that everyone just knows that it never stopped one RocketDoc anyway, so why should it inhibit the new Band Leader?

Rule. Apply as needed and ignore when inconvenient.

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Anonymous said...

Ethics are only for those in power. The ethics 'tool' is used to enable the powerful to keep the underlings in line.

One of the biggest, public abusers of ethics law hides a multitude of sins behind the ethics shield. When there is trouble, they publicly flog the minions to divert attention from the shenanigans the head shed is pulling.

Now, they conveniently look the other way while booting their most experienced out on the street, using contrived performance evaluations to justify their actions. On the way out the door, they have the temerity to ask if you believe that your manager behaves ethically! It makes one wish for capability to pull the 'Sampson Option'.