Thursday, October 30, 2008

What If?

Now that the Hubble control unit ground spare has failed qualification testing, and the repair mission is headed for the fate of Apollo 18, one has to ask if maybe the last guy to wear clothes on the 9th floor on E Street maybe wasn't so dumb after all?

What if the $1B+ spent to prepare this mission and the rescue back-up had instead been spent on:

A brand new Hubble II?

Acceleration of the James Webb telescope to shorten the "other gap."

Man-rating EELVs (with change back on the $)?

Or maybe just a new wardrobe and a lifetime gift certificate at the Olive Garden for the Emperor and his minions?


Stephanie Barr said...

Lord, I'd missed this. I wish I was surprised.

I was worried from the moment they put this mission back on the manifest because it thought the reasons NOT to go back were compelling, and James Webb was right there, before all the attention otherwise helped with delays...

Anonymous said...

well bear in mind that the chuckleheads
we call NASA managers can't do a Hubble II
for less then 10 billion, and the
Jim Webb Scope?

a scope named for a bureaucrat?
far better to name it the ted stevens telescope
then at least it could have gotten some money.

the good thing about the hubble repair mission
is it's blocking Ares 1-X which is just the
dumbest thing you could imagine