Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sack of Ilium

The flames are rising now all around the seat of the Empire on E Street. The Emperor, sings along to the music of the night, albeit without costume, while swinging his trusty lyre at invisible white globules. With the walls closing in, he grabs quill in one hand and steadies parchment with the other. With a number of strokes he further prostrates himself in front of the anointed one. Knowing nothing of the concept of loyalty or ethics, he draws a knife across his thumb and signs his plea. Like Judas before him, he betrays his supreme leader and begs for dispensation and a role in the new administration.

How pitiful. How futile.


kT said...

I can almost hear the crowd chanting -
Four more years! Four more years!

Anonymous said...

There are other hints of trouble within the kingom. It has been openly compared to space station. I had already offered that observation but this one came from the other end of the spectrum - management. The final instructions were to "keep rowing".

The minions do not want to play together as the picnic was pushed back yet again for lack of participation. Could it be that it is on your own time (during work) and they ask $13 each for the right to eat under the big tent?

I'd like to build it and make it fly but nobody in the design tongs can tell me what it is supposed to do. It is procure me a rock - I don't like that rock, gimmie another rock...

This has got to be some kind of carnival ride...I am still looking for the quarter slot!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some forgot and set MGs Phaser on “Stupid”.

kT said...

If anyone is interested in Rocketman's allegory here they can wiki it out. It's pretty gory, gruesome actually.

Athena is a real babe, though, perhaps the new athena (LG) can save us.

It's long past the time that NASA should drop the mythical names they use for their mythical launch vehicles.