Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pick a Square

The small pieces of paper are commonplace during football season. A grid with 0-9 on each axis denotes the playing field. Pick a square, hand over your dollar, and you may win the pot if you pick the square selecting the home and visitor scores' last digits.

The grid's being passed around in Huntsville are a little different this month. The left axis run 0-9, but the top axis runs 1-12. Dates and hours are in play here. In the football version, few watch the game, favoring the commercials, beer drinking, and conversation instead. In this version, its all about the game.

Pick the date and hour, Olive Garden hires its newest employee. But you better hurry. The Friday squares are filling up fast.


Anonymous said...

I prefer Wheel of Fortune.

Anonymous said...

for those who are slightly outside the NASA
politics, who is supposed to be getting fired?

Anonymous said...

I wish the quarterback would retire.

Or at least get traded to a different team.

Anonymous said...

The soon to be Italian Waiter is Steve Cook.

Anonymous said...

While I would love to see Steve Cook and
the Rest of the Hammerheads slinging hash,
the fact is they will all end up on the staffs
of LM, Boeing, ATK or in some other middle
mandarin job at NASA, as associate deputy
of stennis or Ames, etc....

Anonymous said...

i doubt cook will end up at LM or BA...they have made their displeasure known and are part of the reason he's being tossed.

Anonymous said...

ATK is always hiring.

NASA has killed more people through incompetence,
then it has ever fired for incompetence.

Apollo 1? People were shoved around to HQ.

Challenger? People were shoved around.

Columbia? Linda Ham still works at JSC.

Cook, he will linger on as a cancer on the agency