Friday, October 17, 2008

Rat Pack

It could have been Joey, Dean, Peter, and Sammy fawning over Frank. But, this time it was Jack, Abe, Ken, and Co. tap dancing together slightly off the beat. And Kool-Aid on the rocks replaced the scotch. And senility replaced authenticity.

"Sometimes when things are done well you want to put a star on the fridge," Abe said. The hand-picked NAC, heaped high praise on the Emperor and Constellation in their last meeting of the year. Reminicent of testimony promising all was well in the financial markets just six months ago, you can hear the whispering quietly becoming audible in the background, "we need a bailout."

Serving on such a board used to be considered patriotic. Now, it's just another form of prostitution.

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Anonymous said...

They must have seen the mandated results of all the PDR's and internal reviews. Ah! No RIDs! Magnificent work! Our plan to raise a new generation of rocket scientists is succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.

Just wrap those pretty pictures on the wall and start sending them to the subcontractors. Let's get this show on the road and into the air. Great job, guys and gals!