Friday, October 31, 2008

Very Scary!

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark.
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart.
You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it.
You start to freeze, as red headed horror looks you right between the eyes,
You're paralyzed.

'Cause it's BroomHilda.
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike.
'Cause it's BroomHilda.
And you're fighting for your life against all that is not right.

Darkness falls across the land, the election hour's close at hand.
She crawls in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood.
And whoever shall be found without the soul for getting down,
Must stand and face the bitch from hell, and rot inside the Emperor's shell.

'Cause it's BroomHilda.
She will possess you unless you change the numbers on your dial.
'Cause it's BroomHilda.
And the grizzly ghoul is moving in to steal your soul and throw it on her pile.

(with apologies to the white gloved one...)


Anonymous said...

Zombies are a big problem this year as well. Once you've eaten one person's brain, you've eaten them all. However, the good news is, with suitable retraining, zombies make excellent workers, who almost never question what they are working on. And they're easy to feed as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow kT. You're such a poet. Then again you have a lot of experience with zombies from your island days.

Anonymous said...

Don't Feed The Zombies.

Anonymous said...

kt: some of the pictures of you floating around the Internet from your island days clearly show that you are a zombie.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for Halloween: another Elifritz and Cowing bickering thread!

Anonymous said...

Hey kt did you hear that, the NW guy posts here! Why not go post on his site and leave us alone!

Anonymous said...

Is this a real live version of Mario Brothers? Just when the lower minions get lined up with the stone tablets from on high, the stone tablets change and the whole process starts over again!

Great job but the princess is in another castle!

The SRD just got updated so the ERD undergoes an update only to get approved the same week that the SRD undergoes its' next update.

Perhaps a giant game of crack the whip is going on.

Bids are already in on "requirements" that are three revisions behind the current configuration. Here's where being a Zombie really comes in handy-'Another change? No problem. Just put it on the desk and I will get to it soon.'

Does anyone suppose that we could just say, 'I wanna booster that will lift this much, this high, going in this direction this fast'?

Anonymous said...

that was the order under okeefe steidle but the minions thought it threatened too many jobs. But of course the reason okeefe wasn't fit for the job was because he wasn't a techie. But they genuflect to the politically naive Him With Seven Degrees. The minions and the ants who pay the salaries/taxes refuse to admit the rocket scientist ants can design rockets better.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that given the present economic situation the next administration comes to their senses. The development of ARES is completely superfluous and the Orion and Altair designs are hugely compromised by ARES.

Instead of doing all the work of requirements definition they could just look in the Atlas or Delta Mission (Payload) Planners Guide. Cursory review will reveal that these rockets have the same or greater degrees of system redundancy as Orion now has and even better they have a track record. If you want to lift Orion you can simply place an order. Oh and by the way when you fly on a Delta you actually get to an orbit. This means you can be placed direct to a phasing orbit without need for a Service Module burn.

You could execute even the horrible ESAS lunar architecture RIGHT NOW by simply invoking propellant transfer on orbit. This means that NASA need not even BOTHER with new rockets. If NASA doesn't believe they can move a little LO2 around then place a commercial contract for propellants already delivered and loaded. Let's see- I wonder what the price from ULA would be if you ordered 40 HLV vehicles over 3 years? I just bet there would be a price break. Given that it would triple the present production rates. But this would mean that NASA engineers would have to do the hard jobs of designing vehicles and habitats for which the US industry does not already have products which might serve. That might be hard.

Anonymous said...

Requirements definition is the problem. The rigors of the process are not evident. What is showing up as requirements is nothing but a bunch of loosely related ideas that got put on paper.

No behavior analysis says no idea how this thing is even supposed to work. That said, how does one do the software other than to continue the process of pulling discrete rabbits out of regions of insufficient light?

Equally silly is to think that we can take a generation of engineers that are at least 20 years behind the power curve and bring them up to speed within the confines of a single project! We have to have qualified rockets to carry people but unqualified people can design rockets to carry people. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

amazing. kT goes quiet and the conversation gets intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with this picture?


Seriously, you guys have a chance to sweep this whole mess aside in the next few months. If you screw it up this time, there is no saving you - the wrath of reality awaits.

This is a challenge from the very top all the way down to the bottom. Nobody is exempt from critical examination anymore, no individual is excluded from the progressive participatory democracy model here.

Organizations and institutions can no longer solve these enormous problems by simply muddling along, not rocking the boat, just going with the flow. The reality based world doesn't work that way, and quite honestly, it never did.

Somebody somewhere has to take hold of the situation and do what's right, because in the world you live in now, if you make one wrong move in this new environment, the blogosphere is going to be all over your ass from day one, and it ain't going to be pretty, and no amount of trolling and smearing and idiotic anonymous commentary is going to shut people up who genuinely care about things like planets and people and nations.

Ares I is an easy problem to solve, but only if you do the right thing, honestly and fearlessly.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy - kt is flapping his arms and his mouth again in a vain attempt to convince people that he knows what he is talking about when in fact he's just another Internet troll. The sky is falling! Run away!

Anonymous said...

he's just another Internet troll.

You need to take a good hard look at yourself, and then vote.

Anonymous said...

So kt ... no rocket commentary today? Just troll talk?

Anonymous said...

If there were more employment solutions, we could exercise the "foot vote" on Ares 1. The only real way to defeat it is to deny our services to it. In order to accomplish that goal, there has to be more than one game in town.

The missile builders are not about to tell NASA that they are dead dog wrong with the stick approach lest they be cut out of new business far into the future.

The story line on this one was that it was the only way to get back into the game for the forseeable future. That was the business case. It worked because the commercial business sources were on the downslide toward oblivion.

That leaves us with the question of who is able to take the risk of standing up and declaring the approach to be just what it is. That is tantamount to being a whistle blower - such people do not last long in this business or any business.

It is the "foot vote" for me because the loss of personal integrity is just too high of a price to pay.