Monday, April 27, 2009

Scorpio and the Love Dragon

As we pass through mid-Spring, the constellation Orion is now falling towards the horizon, chasing the setting sun (or should we say Apollo?) as it goes. We know from mythology that Orion was blinded by his father and fell prey to Scorpio before ascending to his place in the winter night sky. How more fitting a fate for Viceroy Hanley's ill-fated project of the same name?

But, alas, where and in what form will Scorpio appear? How will the dagger be thrust to finish off our protagonist? For this we must now turn to the Tarot.

Surrounding the Skeleton in the Death trump of the Thoth Tarot deck are the three forms of Scorpio: the scorpion, the serpent, and the Dragon. Like the Son of the Tetragrammaton, the Dragon is the product and the union of the natures of both its parents, the feminine Eagle and the masculine Serpent. Thus is the Dragon the new and complete symbol of Kerubic Scorpio in the Aeon of Horus.

Didn't follow that? Refer to Frater Osiris for a more involved discussion. For the benefit of our discussion consider the union of the Eagle (as in Apollo capsule) and the Serpent (do you sense a musky smell nearby?)...and a Dragon takes the position of Scorpio going in for the kill. Or so sayeth the Tarot.

And so sayeth the budgeteers. As the diminished Viceroy recounted this week, his $400M windfall stimulus package, originally meant to keep Orion on life-support, has now been reduced by $150M which will be diverted to the faltering COTS-D. Coupled with the suddenly reduced size of the initial purchase installment of Soyuz seats, you, too, may begin to smell the musky serpent Dragon nearby. And perhaps a stinky Barron from the northeast country as well. Malodorous indeed.

The Viceroy did try to put a good face on the situation, declaring to the minions that such help could only benefit their undertaking. In the near future, when we know he will have a lot more time on his hands, we suggest a course in classy civ might be a good way to pass the time.

But, why, you ask, besides being insufficiently resourced, is COTS-D doomed? Now we know. It's in the CARDs.


Anonymous said...

I need my MST3000 guide book.

Anonymous said...

That 150M is going to mostly keep civil servants going, not contractors. 80M to develop COTS-D requirements? No wonder ORION can't get off paper.