Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quote of the Program

"We matured the design substantially, so there will be new costs because we made it harder to build," said Viceroy Hanley.


Nathan said...

Ha Ha-Ha Ha! That's fantastic! Must build it then!
Whatever happened to KISS?!

kT said...

We need to set up a perchlorate decontamination ward down there.

Anonymous said...

Is he saying that the highly experienced pros at JSC, MSFC, GRC and the hordes of warm body shops didn't get it right the first time?

Now, if they couldn't get it right the first time, how can he say that we have it right this time?

Haven't seen any documentation that backs up his statement! Haven't been through any meetings that back up his statement!

Where did this divine guidance come from all of a sudden? Is someone in the headshed trying to tell us that they, the managers, have stepped into the breach and corrected the errant minions?

So, out of whole cloth, the unlearned are going to leapfrog Delta and Atlas to instantly build a 'man-rated' launch vehicle?

Oh, be still my beating heart!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people are told to march through the swamp (because it will build character and ability) by leaders who have never been to the swamp but who assure the minions that the people using the road that bypasses the swamp are just plain incompetent. That well travelled road SHALL be ignored on pain of being banished from the team. I don't want to hear about that road ever again! After all you want to show what you're made of RIGHT!

The fallen are many in the swamp and the effort heroic. They may even get to the other side. This does not make the road any less superior in terms of just simply getting there. By the time the swamp is conquered the road is a highway. Everyone will wonder why anyone would take that swamp "shortcut" that isn't. The people counting on that swamp bypass for jobs will find that they simply aren't there. History left them behind.

Such will be the legacy that certain senators will leave us if they are not careful what they wish for.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell me, dear Viceroy, HOW is Ares-I changing to warrant this cost increase?

And when do you plan the new Ares-I PDR which must be coming in order to verify such radical design changes?

Occam's razor would seem to suggest that this is actually just another one of your many false smokescreens intended to try to prevent anyone important (Congress) from daring to "look under the hood" of your failing program before you get your next promotion and its associated retirement benefits?

Anonymous said...

That's both hilarious and sad at the same time.

It'd be kinda depressing to abandon following USA on what's turning out to be their sinking ship and instead turning my attention to the Russians and the Chinese and hoping at least *someone* gets out of LEO in my lifetime.

Oh, and isn't it *very* ironic the Russians envision building an Atlas V Heavy lookalike to serve as their CLV? It's good enough for them, but obviously not good enough for NASA.

Anonymous said...

Come on.. The slip is only 20 months and the cost delta just 1.2 billion......

Gee, like it you people want the moon….

kT said...

Gee, like it you people want the moon…Gee, like you people think you're going back to the moon.