Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing Hardball

The next two weeks could be a seminal time for Viceroy Gerst. As Sen. Stickman places a finger on his chin, rolls his eyes skyward, and rhetorically says, "There is some political center slow-walking this, and I don't know what it is, who it is, or why. But all the competition has either dropped out or been put somewhere else." Or perhaps shot out of the sky by the Stick of a man in Florida like so much skeet. The upshot of all this indecision leaves the shadow Viceroy in a strong position to employ a little reverse psychology on his own.

Come Wednesday, with the stroke of a pen, the Viceroy will bring one of GAO's 13 urgent national issues to a head. He will start in theoretically irreversible earnest to shut down and retire the space shuttle. By Friday, his actions will have the Stickman burning, booming, and wiggling like an Ares-1 on lift-off. And that is exactly what the Viceroy hopes to see in order to save his anachronistic program.


kT said...

I just want to save those one dozen anachronistic engines. That's all I care about. The moon program is unaffordable at this time.

Think NK-33. And J-2.

Anonymous said...

The moon program is unaffordable at this time.Rubbish. Most of what the federal government spends money on is "unaffordable" in the sense that: a) it's not absolutely necessary; and b) we don't have the money to pay for it. So how is lunar exploration different from all those other activities?

The "affordability" of lunar exploration is really dependent on how you choose to do it. So far, NASA has not chosen wisely. It remains to be seen whether that will ever be possible.

kT said...

So how is lunar exploration different from all those other activities?It has no economic nor human value.

NASA has not chosen wisely.I think the problem began when they made that choice. The inevitable result followed directly from that.

When you think that you have your priorities straight, get back to me. A lunar base is so out of scale with our current reality as to be laughable at best, tragic at worst.