Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night Visions

With the light of a full moon so far out of reach,
Sometimes it is hard to discern white smoke at night escaping from the breech.
Despite having all the ducks safely aligned in a row,
Sometimes tall grass is just too hard to mow.

No more thinking we are close to finding a leader,
When all the Stick Man wants to do is stab a new bleeder.
So now we sit back with a fine bottle of wine,
And allow it to age until it is the right time.


Mark S. said...

This is getting to be more than just a bit ridiculous. If Sen. Nelson wants to have the final say over anything NASA, then he needs to run for President.

In other words, Pres. Obama needs to make a decision and get it over with. And if Sen. Nelson doesn't like it, he can take a long walk on a short pier.


Anonymous said...

Hey, RaS! I heard a good one the other day, I thought you might appreciate the joke:

How many people working in the Cx Level 2 Program Office does it take to build an Orion and an Ares I?

More people than it takes to run Space X!

hahahahahahahah we're doomed...

Anonymous said...

Nelson has his prejudices that's fine,
Reid and Rahm need to sit down and
chat with Sen Nelson. They can say
"Gee you can keep hanging up our choices
for NASA Administrator, but, what are you
going to do, when you need my help
on some heavy lifting?