Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shareholders...Its Time For Questions!

OOOPPS! Ares-1 first stage PDR slips six far. Hmmmmm. "There are significant threats to the performance to be worked as the project works towards [PDR]," the memo reads. Remember AIAA-99-2797? That's just one of the "significant threats."

And let's not forget the aviation safety report is more than six months late and still nowhere in sight.

Boeing's 787 slipped six months and they fired the VP responsible for the program. Shareholders would have it no other way. So how is it, then, that Steve Cook gets to keep his job? As shareholders in the good old US of A, we would like to see our tax dollars go towards a more productive end, not a dead end. As stewards of our tax dollars, Congressfolk should start asking the hard questions now before good money chases bad. Why do we have to wait for the Emperor to leave office to get the facts? Answers that include, "this sort of thing is normal in a development program" are unacceptable.

Why isn't the Emperor taking control and saving his program from landing in the water (the mostly likely spot to find an Ares-1 after ignition)? Maybe he's still looking in his closet for something to wear to his next speech perpetuating the 50 year old NASA spin-off myth.

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