Friday, November 9, 2007

Not Enough Time to Get It Right...

Marshall Space Flight Center's Ares I First Stage Element Manager Alex Priskos doesn't like hypothetical questions. Nor does he like history much, unless it's of the revisionist kind. When asked by if the assumptions that formed the basis for the ESAS conclusions changed enough that they might no longer be completely valid, he responded like a pro wrestler, using 33 words where seven would have made the point. "ESAS was a study conducted in 60 days, representing a summary of years of exploration architectural studies. Since that study was concluded, over two years ago, the Constellation Program has evolved the architecture."

In spite of having access to that summary of years of studies, he could have just said, "We rushed it and got it wrong."

We also hear he may be planning on growing a goatee for the holidays.

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