Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Add another reason to the long list of why the Emperor's, Doc Horowitz's, and Steve Cook's wonder stick is so badly broken. Get yourself a copy of the paper whose catalog number is this column's title. We'll save you the effort and give you the title: "Automated 3-D Solid Rocket Combustion Stability Analysis." Yep, seems that all three failed rocket science 101. Put another way, Ares-1 seems to be shaking itself apart.

Fortunately, some of the minions have read the paper and are doing their homework now. Take one four segment shuttle SRB, unstrap it from the damping effect of being attached to the large ET and Orbiter, add a fifth segment, stir well with fire and viola'. Watch it fly apart at the seams. Recent analysis of the five segment booster revealed that it is susceptible to combustion instabilities not easily overcome.

No, let's put that another way, too. Ares-1 problems will be easily overcome when it flies on an Atlas booster.

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