Thursday, November 15, 2007

Integrating Disaster

Simultaneous with Lori Garver's campaign stop, the Constellation minions are carrying out an integrated stack review of the Orion and Ares programs. Talk about long faces.

Let's start with the documentation. It was hoped that the TBDs would now be knocked down to single digits by now. Unfortunately, the number is still in the hundreds.

Problems? We got problems. Thrust oscillations, flight dynamics, and overweight systems for starters. One of the reasons that the number of TBDs is so high is that as the team unfolds the faulty concepts handed them by ESAS, they have to search around for band-aids to hold the program together. That has kept them from firming up the design and getting on with the program.

The Emperor, fresh back from his golfing vacation, will get his overview today and tomorrow. That will only preface the upcoming grilling he, in turn, will get from Congress in January. Those hearings are shaping up to be the beginning of the end.

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