Thursday, November 15, 2007

Days of Futures Passed

If you were in attendance at yesterday's highly politicized AAS annual meeting luncheon, you may have seen a view into future under Hillary. Normally at such luncheons you might hear about the exploits of our Mars Rovers, or the Cassini probe at Saturn, or even the generation of new trajectories for getting to the nearest star quicker. But not yesterday.

Lori Garver, Hillary's advisor on things over her head, started her presentation with a video about Hillary. Suffice to say most of the folks in the room squirmed at the blatant misuse of the venue. Following the video we learned how Hillary will focus on taking the earth's temperature, robotic exploits in the solar system, and use of the 470 mile high national lab.

What we didn't see was pictures of spacesuits hanging off rovers on the moon.

Draw your own conclusions, but as the former first lady appears headed back into the White House, our Vision appears to be getting a case of macular degeneration.

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