Sunday, July 20, 2008

Would Bob Evans Float?

It's summer time in DC. That awful time when the air stagnates and the heat index climbs. The perfect time for kids to do dive bombs in their backyard pools.

And speaking of bombs, did you notice that the Emperor hasn't been saying much (or anything for that matter) about the report leaked last week on the status of the Constellation Program? Maybe you also noticed that Viceroy Gilbrech is a fast learner and is also keeping to himself these days?

In fact, in keeping with the plan to keep his nose clean while letting the minions fend for themselves, and just before he throws them all in the deep end of the pool to save his own skin before the election, the Emperor pushed his favorite cabana boy, Doug Cooke, through the gates of the pool house to defend the dismal state of reported affairs.

"What you're seeing is sausage-making," he said. "I'm really satisfied with the work that's getting done."

We will only make one observation for Doug at this point. That's not sausage you're looking at, and it's not a Snickers bar you see in the pool either.


RayGun said...,0,2428200.story
Buzz Aldrin calls for independent review.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, snickers.