Sunday, July 6, 2008

Broom and Board

Broom Hilda's at it again.

After overseeing the ORION capsule being fitted with its clown toe, she recently flew her broom down to the south right coast to cast her evil spells on the poor minions trying to get the gear loaded up for STS-126's flight to ISS in November.

Putting a ghastly chill into all nearby, she declared that the components gathered into kits and destined for experiment racks did not meeting her standards. Drawing all of the air out of the room, as only she can do, another round of bewitching expenditures had to be expended to arrange things "just so."

Contrary to all that is known to be good by the experienced people who have been doing the job for years, kits had to be repackaged and the drawings and supporting documentation revised. Of course, all of this took place at the very last minute.

In the end, the hag was finally sent back to her cave with her witchly panties again unwadded. Where next will she cast her hideous gaze?

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