Friday, July 18, 2008

Science Class

The one Congressman who did NOT skip science class as a kid, and actually understands F=ma, Houston Rep. John Culberson, has seen the big picture and he doesn't like it. As someone who has the intelligence to evaluate the Emperor's follies, Culberson told an online town hall meeting that NASA had "failed us miserably" and "wastes a vast amount of money." Now he is weighing legislation to overhaul the structure of the space agency.

Of course, his competition in the upcoming race immediately began kissing up to the minions. So did his neighbor, Nick Lampson. Culberson deserves support for calling it as he sees it and having the courage to take the hit, and look for a better solution, so that all may prosper down the road.

We haven't seen what he's suggesting for an answer yet...but at least the door is opening on the conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Feh. If it were anyone else, I might pay attention. He's one to talk. He eagerly helped throw away well-nigh-irreplaceable rail right-of-way that could have brought commuter rail to west Houston, so that I-10 West could be expanded to fifty lanes wide or somesuch. Culberson is a land developers' shill who only wants to fund Houston sprawl 100 miles in every direction from downtown.