Thursday, July 10, 2008

Covering Tracks

Remember the case of the disappearing DVD? Back in April last year, several video recordings of a controversial meeting, in which the Emperor allegedly spoke in support of the agency's embattled inspector general, were destroyed. Amazingly, these videos met the recycle bin just as Congress sought evidence of wrong doing in the matter.

Apparently, that cover-up mindset is embedded within the minions as well. Just as soon as the protest periods passed for many of the most recent incumbent bashing procurements, all of the offending source selection data was tossed into the burn bag, least the truth ever see the light of day. All but one copy that is. It will be conveniently misplaced, least the feds coming looking for it someday down the road.

Why the rush? Perhaps the minions are afraid, like the case of the shredded DVDs, that the reality of their less than transparent processes is that perhaps source board decisions were perhaps overturned on whim by the Emperor. Far be it for that kind of information to perhaps ever find the light of day.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm....anyone know what happened to Congress' request for an investigation of the DVD shredding incident? Congress sent the Justice Department a strongly worded request that a formal investigation be opened up. Did this go anywhere?