Monday, October 19, 2009

All The Emperor's Men

Sort of reminds one of how Nixon went down, doesn't it?

Tick Tock.

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Anonymous said...

Wanted to leave a "bye and thanks"
and this was the only way I could
see to do it. Have enjoyed your
blog for a long time now. Read
all the archives, even! Working
in the industry 35yrs, I appreciate
your insight into NASA and your
view of the ride we are on.
Like sausage and the government,
the process is not for someone
with a week stomach! I do think that by having this little running
commentary, you have added some perspective to the process and
hopefully have provided some
food for thought to some under nourished (and even garb-less) individuals in the crowd.

Thanks again for the entertaining ride!
(xjernsh at aol dot com)