Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Can Brown Do For You?

If you're the Marshall Space Flight Center, Brown won't take one Italian Waiter off your hands in the next bunch of days. But Dynetics will.

While the former E Street Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't too happy about doing a business deal in exchange for a table server, the other guys now have the incentive for the placement of a weekly pasta special on the cafeteria menu.

See you at the going away party!


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to subpoena the tyrannosaurus and ask him what he knows about that griffin-karas convo mentioned on that other blog today.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I wore my UPS shirt to work today, and thought for a minute that maybe.... But no, the T-Rex reference gave it away. If true, a talented technology program/project manager will soon bring T-Rex a lot of dinosaur chow. The Gopher can definitely do the Go-fer support-service thing, if that's what T-Rex wants.