Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Getaway

"I've had many wonderful experiences in developing advanced space transportation technologies, but nothing compares to this project," he said in 2006. "This is fundamentally why I came to NASA."

The revisionists, now leaderless, nevertheless have begun to paint a much different portrait of someone who, as early as 2003, began contemplating leaving the lair. So why, fundamentally, did he decide to leave now? Packing up and moving out on a Saturday? Taking the last two weeks of his incomparable time as leave?

Oh, never mind.


Anonymous said...

Steve wants to be nowhere in town when the stop work orders hit and people who moved to huntsville and paid top dollar for shacks start waving pitchforks at him.

Anonymous said...

So with the Italian waiter en route to Olive Garden via dynetics, who will next attract the rocketmans zinging wit?