Sunday, August 30, 2009

2012 II

The end of the Mayan calendar also foretells of cataclysm and millenarianism. It appears that such prognostications were not that far off. Indeed, the dinosaurs, seeing the incoming asteroid, are now beginning to look up from their watering holes in wonder. The large apparition in the sky is unlike any they've seen before.

Many stumble, not knowing which direction to take to escape the glowing orb's path of destruction.

Only the fleet of foot dragons and flying horses run from the light and take flight.

We can't wait for the next sequel to find out how this movie ends.


kT said...

My money is on the squirrels.

They gather and store their nuts for the coming winter, and even if they forget where they put them all and lose a few here and there, in the spring they'll notice small shoots sprouting up, and in a few years they'll have new trees, and a few years after that they'll again reap the harvest of their neglect.

Soon the world will be awash in nuts again. Never again will the value of nuts be underestimated.

Antares said...

You forget the one who Shrugged. Fitting that Galt's Gulch was in Colorado.

Michael said...

I want some of what your smoking...

Anonymous said...

Now I have the urge to read that book.
Galt's Gulch (Mulligan's Valley) is around Ouray. Antares is perhaps thinking about a particular canyon to the NE of said gulch.

Anonymous said...

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