Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fork in the Road

Monday there will be a new band leader taking over at the E Street Theater. Talk so far has centered on what he will wear, if anything, in the days and weeks ahead. It has been almost two years now since we first illuminated the cloth-free zone surrounding the former emperor.

We truly hope a tailor is part of the incoming entourage. If so, change may be near.

The new guy is not like the old. The new guy so far has been told where to be, what baton to carry, and how to carry it. Likewise, on Monday he will be handed a stack of house cleaning orders to sign. It may get very crowded in Morocco soon as many of E Street's local and remote cast of characters will finally get their just due. No more will Col. Carlos have to tell the walking dead Viceroy that the two biggest safety issues, now surfacing, will hold up PDR, only to be dismissed for some future recourse. One can only hope "the broom" also finds another corner to stand in as well, perhaps serenaded by tunes from the Olive Garden nearby. You know the place, where two many Cook(e)s spoil the broth.

Fear will be replaced by hope. Change is coming.

Unfortunately, a lot of damage has already been done. And it runs deep and it runs wide. Whether Norm can find the needle in the haystack (and, yes, we believe there actually is a needle) from which whole cloth can be sewn is still an open question. As is whether the new tailor can afford the cloth. In the end, all will be looking to see how the band leader carries himself in his new suit.

Hope is a free commodity, but the budget requires change.

Art Fern was familiar with this territory. Now if he were only around to help us find that Slauson cut-off. We are eternally hopeful.


kert said...

Norm doesnt really need to find anything but this:

This was pre-ESAS and pre-Griffin. If three out of those proposals were picked back then and developed further and followed through, we'd be halfway to moon already.

kT said...

You aren't going to be able to take the Slausen cutoff back to Huntsville to rescue the Donner party, if you throw your horses and wagons away.

Anonymous said...


The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Anonymous said...

The Oklahoma Gazette did an interesting story about one group of snake oil merchants.

Anonymous said...

If you want a sustainable moon mars thing,
and a political concensus, here.

1) Stick Orion on an EELV.

2) start workin on Shuttle-C

3) Begin engineering towards Shuttle-C2
(Liquid Pressure Fed Boosters, RS-68)

4) Design mission to use ISS as rendevous/assembly point.