Monday, July 13, 2009

Cry Me a River

It was certainly not a surprise to the minions listening on the line this morning. The inability of the short timer Viceroy to anticipate what should have been an obvious request only reflected further on his general disability to stay ahead of and manage any type of development program beyond making breakfast in the morning. While everyone else saw it coming, prepared for, and in some cases, already presented quality analysis and engineering study results, the Viceroy could only complain of the lack of time being offered to ready alternate solutions requested by the 475 nm panel.

Of course, one should ask, what about the steroids used to produce ESAS so many moons ago? Shouldn't that all encompassing analysis put to rest any questions raised by the panel and dismiss all alternate solutions as handsomely as it did four years ago? Or is there some flaw that is keeping the Viceroy up at night, such that he now has to burn the midnight oil to shore up his defenseless program.

Where's the pony-tailed engineers when you need them?


Anonymous said...

The river which is created by these tears will hopefully produce such a torrent that it will ultimately wash these imbeciles away and allow the agency to be run by a much higher quality management.

These idiots have had their chance and have blown it every which way from Sunday. It is time for them to go.

Water Landing Man said...

The "Roots" (pun intended) of ESAS might be best summed up by this recent article appropriately titled...


With an appropriate rebuttal entered in by the more famous Bert and Ernie:

(the obvious question here is... who is Bert and who is Ernie?)


Anonymous said...

Why does rocketman call it the 475 nm panel?
is that a reference to ISS?

Anonymous said...

Having watched these folks close-up, I believe the affliction they suffered was (and remains) hubris. A seasoned military leader knows better and so I'm optimistic about the new leadership.

The emperor purged any oversight, and there was nobody to whisper into his ear, warning him of fatal deficiencies.

The Washingtonian affliction "I'm right because I say I am" ultimately did them in. It should be a lesson to us all.

Anonymous said...

The Huntsville Times tells the story of woe and indecision on the front page. 3+ billion spent and nothing to show for it!

Meanwhile, the minions at the Lazy B can hear the axe beginning its' Friday afternoon swing, bringing this phase of their careers to an untimely end. It will claim the young and the old in a merciless drive to purify the workforce while NASA plans for Ares 5.

As tragic as that may be, the real tragedy is in telling NASA to use the same old broken parts (management and inexperienced engineers) to burn another 3 billion designing a new rocket.

What we have is a colossal case of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results!

Anonymous said...

475 nm is the wavelength of blue, as in blue ribbon panel. so as not to offend any blue people out there by having the use of real color names creatively used in text being misinterpreted by those looking too deeply for headlines.

Anonymous said...

"The emperor purged any oversight, and there was nobody to whisper into his ear, warning him of fatal deficiencies."

There were plenty of people trying to tell him not to take this stupid path. Some lost their jobs because they tried to tell him so. The rest saw what happened to those unlucky guys and decided it was better for their mortgages and kids college funds not to cross Griffin. There is no denying that he was determined to have his own way and he left a metaphorical trail of bodies behind him throughout his reign of terror.

Unfortunately many of the minions he placed in positions of power are still there continuing his "Genghis Khan" policies.

The agency will never be able to move forward as long as all of those idiots remain in power.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever mistake Mike Griffin for Ghenghis Khan.
Ghenghis Khan only killed people who stole from
him or betrayed their leaders. He was actually very insistent on creating a democratic system and promoting on merit. Consequently Temudjin built an empire that spanned the known world and brought propsperity and peace to it's furthest reaches.

Clearly Mike Griffin hasn't done that.

Anonymous said...

I told NASA that they had defective requirements from top to bottom; quoted to them chapter and verse, from their own handbook, as to how to correct the problem.

The response was for them to take action to see that I was removed from the program and summarily fired for having challenged them. That's right, fired for telling the truth!

Oh, Mr. Augustine, I have something to show you...