Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crying Shame

"I didn't really want this job," said the new Band Leader. Get choked up, add marine tears, and tug hard.

"Feelings are back in the E Street Theater," declared the Snow Princess. Hugs all around.

Not exactly how we envisioned the coming out party. At least there was an acknowledgment that the Theater cannot survive on its current path. Look for bright spots, right?

Now what will us knuckleheads do?


Anonymous said...

Now what will us knuckleheads do?

We will proceed to colonize space for all of humanity, for the benefit of all life on Earth, using science as our guide, and nature as our model.

First step : admit the problem.

Chuck said...

NASA's brightest spot of the moth is bright only in the infra-red, showing only a black hole in the cloud deck at visible wavelengths. Sadly, NASA has had to defer to an insomniac in an Australian sheep paddock on this one, as their policy of only throwing SMD one outer system bone per decade means that we have no eyes on Jupiter anymore.

Hopefully this will at least stop Juno from getting pushed back to stem other people's overruns.

Anonymous said...

I hope all he feels is rage and our MSFC managers eat nothing but war until they get it right (or resign).

He needs to come down to MSFC and be the “biggest, meanest mother” in the Tennessee Valley.

The way to do that is make them justify why they should be trusted with our nations manned space program!

If they can't, they need to be gone!

Anonymous said...

Who's the Snow Princess?

Anonymous said...

The road to space is paved with dollar bills.

Since the end of the Apollo program, the problem has always been that Congress only gives NASA 75% of what it needs to do a good job.

The result:

-A half safe Shuttle with nowhere to go for its first 20 years.

-A half built International Space Station, with little science, that exists for the sake of existing.

-Billions spent on a string of paper rockets to replace the Shuttle that never bend any metal.

For the past 30-years NASA has been nickeled and dimed to death.

Politics being what they are, I don't see this changing in the near future.

Anonymous said...

They are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic again! Moving those MSFC managers up and around. Forget the replan and all the time wasted on that effort. And the added drama of having to wait until 10:30 in order to get the news just made the minions swoon.

Oh, would you like another pile of money to spend? Just make sure you don't use it to keep those folks around that we told you to lay off!

And that USAF safety report on our vaunted escape system? What does USAF know of our design? They are relying on many years of direct experience while we are relying upon unqualified engineers with no experience - now, who are you going to believe!

Even if they build it, they ain't going to launch it without range safety approval and it looks like it will be a cold day in the basement of 4708 before that happens!

Retirement is looking mighty good from here!

Anonymous said...

If Griffin was 'Spock' (I don't do feelings), does this make Bolden 'Kirk'?

Anonymous said...

If the minions have two brain cells to rub together, they will launch the Estes on steroids and rig it to self immolate, Titan style.
Congress will come running with buckets of cash to extinguish the embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Face it, we know Spock and Mike Griffin is no Spock.

Griffin and his crew were more like Pakleds.

Anonymous said...

Is Bolden Troi?

I wonder if Griffin was a Tamarian
"Apollo on Steroids", "To Boldly Go",
"Vision for Space"