Monday, May 18, 2009

Low Tide

If a new leader is anointed today, as has been virally suggested, and the anointed one is also as suggested, then take it as a sign that this administration does not care in the least about our space faring future. Rather than sticking to their guns and promoting a leader in all senses of the word, the selectors have thrown in the towel, and Sen. StickMan has prevailed.

If you thought (insert favorite recent event within the past 40 years) was a setback for our loftier aspirations, then today may put a bit of finality into things.

Sailors, exercise caution today, for the tides will be a little weaker, as the moon drifts further away.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they will come to the conclusion that two small sticks are better than one big stick.

This guy wants to sell his bosses sticks, right?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect for Gen Bolden, he will be
a stay the course administrator. I guess the good thing is he will preside over the final destruction of NASA. By holding the course on Ares 1, and bleeding ISS, there will be no destination for COTS-D and the american public will lose all interest in the Lunar program.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you attribute no ethics whatsoever to Bolden? Certainly he is as professional and ethical as anyone else whose name has been offered.

Those of us who have worked with him know that he is a fine individual of great technical and management insight. We have complete confidence that he will distance himself from his former clients and do the right thing, whatever that is.

Although your posts are often entertaining, the hard core cynicism is very wearing, as is your own extremely narrow perspective.

Granted, this is your blog so you can say whatever you want, but it would be nice if you were constructive, not destructive.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything was said in the blog disparaging the good General. The point of the entry was that Obama caved to Nelson and will now be held hostage to his whims. Florida 2012 votes are driving the decisions being made today.

Anonymous said...

A Navy admiral was appointed to whatever the head position is that oversees the middle east theatre, including the conduct of the Iraq war. At the time this cause a bit of consternation among those opposed to an Iran strike, as it was believed that a Navy man would be more favorable to such action due to the operational characteristics of such a strike, and that a Navy man was not the natural choice to oversee a ground mission like Iraq. That a Navy man would be more posed to favour air war as a solution to problems. This is just a loose recollection of events.

However, all this concern turned out to be incorrect, as the man himself was not inclined at all to such a strike, and may have been an impediment to such an operation. He was forced out of his position around the time he stated a voice of caution concerning such action in an interview.

My point being, that this idea we have of Bolden, being the pawn of Nelson and the interests behind the stick, may be exaggerated and may not turn out to be how things play out. Bolden may be his own man, and perhaps his own character will see him carrying out what the commission recommends and carrying out the policy the President is inclined to.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the phrase that has been overused in space comments says.

Disregard my entire post if you want due to its incessant optimism.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that you attribute no ethics whatsoever to Bolden? Certainly he is as professional and ethical as anyone else whose name has been offered.

Sean O Keefe was a stay the course type also.
Bolden will keep pushing Ares because the staff will
promise just one more extension, and then it will
be great. meanwhile STS will struggle to keep flying.
STS will crash or explode or throw an engine
and Ares will grind to a crawl leaving ISS to the russians.