Thursday, May 21, 2009

Humble Pie

If you still harbor doubts that Constellation was the product of ego and not technical excellence, read on.

The former Emperor is now considered an eminent scholar at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and will begin teaching classes in August. One of the classes he won't be teaching is humility.

The dethroned Emperor says he turned down several better-paying university president positions to take the UAH professorship because he wasn't interested in fund raising. Neverthless, money certainly has been the hot topic for his hiring in a time when educators around the country are bracing for further cuts.

In his usual inimitable manner, the Clothless Wonder has an answer for those would question why Sen. Shelby leaned so hard on the Board of Trustees, "I think given my background and experience and my years in this business and the overall space community, that I'm easily worth what I cost."

We suspect that about a year and a half from now his wife will petition somebody, anybody to rescue her and her husband out of Huntsville. $1 buys you a square. Proceeds will be donated to the UAH Aerospace Engineering Rehabilitation Fund.

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