Thursday, March 26, 2009

White Smoke Rising

"Check your weapons at the door." A pretty standard sign in Texas bars. Now it looks like one of the patrons will be taking one of those signs with him to DC.

The shooting is over. No more trial balloons to pop. No more clay pigeons to scatter. The firecracker in Maryland has cried uncle. The short stick of a man in Florida holding all the president's men hostage stopped short of taking the job himself.

Short of an abused nanny in the closet or some overly optimistic tax returns filed without the help of H&R Block, we have a winner.


Anonymous said...

And the winner is....?

Mike Coats?

Anonymous said...

Will blieve it when I see announcement from WH (Waffle House?) and not a press release from Florida.

Methinks you might be looking towards the wrong chimney.

Mr. X said...

If I may hazard a guess who you're referring to, is it Nick Lampson?

Anonymous said...

Mr. X, your guess is correct!

Jake said...

Please tell me that the new nominee for NASA administrator is not going to be someone who's job history is composed of "high school science teacher", "county property tax assessor", and "congressman".


Anonymous said...

Sorry can't tell you that.

Michael Mealling said...

Care to comment on

Jeff is saying that the scuttlebutt running around the symposium says he it out of the running.