Monday, January 19, 2009

View From The Mountain

Off in the distance, the embers are still glowing. Those with torches and pitchforks have retreated to the alleys, for now, but maintain a watchful eye over the former Emperor's lair. Only the chimney stands and all watch for white smoke to appear, signalling an end to the firefight.

Rats and cockroaches still scurry about the remains of the E Street Theater. Their fate now rests with the Snow Princess and the demolition team ready to build anew on the ashes of the last four years. Those who have have been previously Shanked fear no more. A new spring is not more than a name away.

The view from the mountain is cold and snowy. Not the place to be without clothes.

An eerie silhouette appears in front of the full moon. The receding apparition of a straw broom and knobby figure beneath a hat full of sky brings applause and shouts of glee. A new dawn is breaking on the horizon.

Our job is almost done here.


Anonymous said...

Away with thee, Brunhilda! To thy lair in building 4 South. Never to emerge in the daylight until your minimum retirement age, which can't be long now (judging by your roots - get them thangs touched up, girlfren'!).

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that the villagers will begin a bonfire with the pieces of the ARES 1X booster. That should make a wee glow in the sky.

Chuck2200 said...

The empty lair emits a foul stench, causing even the gargoyles to give it a wide girth as they stagger to and fro, looking for the bits and pieces of what may remain of the crumbs from the emperor's table. Alas, there is naught there, for all the emperor's minions have swept the floor bare and left naught for domestic help. And yet hope springs eternal for the Snow Princess and the demolition team offer a fresh look at what might just be because now freed from the tyranny of the emperor's wrath, they finally get a look under the hood.