Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guns Blazing

Thursday morning some of you will have your eggs and toast while reading your national industry newspaper's interview with the clothless wonder. The lies and deceit will cause you to unconsciously clean your silverware before use. And, some of you will find yourself hearing the news firsthand at a breakfast with the Emperor himself. All will come away feeling queasy.

A day late and several billion dollars short, a defense of an empty headed program will be articulated and then posted for all to contemplate. Without a shred of integrity, going out with guns blazing and fingers pointing, the Men's Warehouse poster boy will try to quell the critics with a detailed analysis of why his lunar architecture is the only way to fly.

Be sure to look carefully at the assumptions and questions asked and answered before shaking your head in a particular direction. Remember, just about anything can be drawn to make a point on a log-log plot.

The lady is in the buffet line and she filling up her tray, but she is not singing yet.

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