Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inside the Cuckoos Nest.

The story we are about to tell you will not believe. But every word is true.

The Emperor has lost it. And so has one of his top minions who we have had great faith in, but who, apparently, has been under pressure of the kind for which no man, or woman, can forever hold out.

Shortly, you will hear of the exchange between the Emperor and the Snow Princess. In a library known for celebrating silence, the Princess's competence was questioned in a fatal explosion of unadulterated ego. Failing to come to grips with his impending fate, the clothless wonder was on the verge of accepting reality, ceding ARES-1 as a unaccomplishable failure, in exchange for keeping his job to complete the rest of his green cheese program. Instead, he self-destructed in front of the gathered assembly in the only ego maniacal way a man of many degrees can implode.

But the infection that lead to such an outburst is apparently spreading as well. The Viceroy of SOMD has also positioned his sword pointing toward his chest in support of Viceroy Hanley. Whether it be pressure, or stress, or overt threats to his future lot in life, we do not know, but how the last man in whom we placed our trust caved to such an irrational position is most unfortunate. We do hope, this blindness is but a temporary condition and passes with the removal of the next couple of calendar pages from our walls.

If there is any doubt among you, our dear readers, of this boorish semblance of a human who has lobotomized his followers staying on past Jan 20, it should now be retired. Not even snow in Houston will save him now.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Emperor has had his Howard-Dean-scream moment. It is shocking and amazing that such a deranged individual has been able to exercise such terror over NASA for so long. I can only hope criminal investigations await for how he has destroyed NASA's hopes of maintaining a human space program.

kT said...


a dictatorship?

Admitting failure can be painful and embarrassing, but it's the only way to move forward and progress.

There is plenty of denial on a lot of different subjects in this country. There is plenty of failure to go around, and they are printing more and more of it every day.

It's time to make those phone calls, write those emails, and yes, make those critical comments folks. Be as harsh as you need to. We are confronted with some serious problems everywhere, and being nice to the guilty parties isn't going to solve them.

Feel free to blow your whistles as well.

Tony Verow, MD said...

The current sorry saga makes one wonder: Could anybody out there inherit this mess and turn NASA around ? The only people that come to mind for me are Carlos Ghosn (of Nissan/Renault turnaround fame) and the late Kelly Johnson.

Anonymous said...

A sorry case of Mad Emperor Disease, more technically referred to as "Open Mouth, Insert Foot Disease".

Anonymous said...

The solutions for "saving" NASA are straightforward. They just don't involve inventing new launchers. There is so much work to do for exploration that NASA has decades of innovation ahead of itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the current regime, but I question Garver's credentials as well.

kT said...

If anyone is still interested, this made MSNBC on Keith Olbermann's Countdown tonight. You can still catch it on the repeat at 9:00 PM CST or 10:00 PM EST on MSNBC, about 20 minutes into the show.

Anonymous said...

From 1961 to 1968 James E. Webb led NASA during the critical Apollo program build up. He had an undergraduate degree in education from UNC and a law degree from GWU. I think Griffin and Shank would agree that he did a pretty good job. So with all due respect to Griffin and the great aerospace engineers of America, you don't actually need to be an engineer to run NASA.

Griffin and Shank's public comments beg the question, if the Obama NASA Transition Team had an engineeer on staff, then would it be OK to ask the same technical questions about the Constellation program? I doubt it. Can NASA management undertand that these people are simply doing their jobs?

If being an Associate Administrator at NASA doesn't qualify you to one day be the Adminsitrator or Deputy Adminsitrator, what does?

How is it that with a PhD in Aerospace engineering, Griffin decides that a single solid rocket booster (ARES-I) is the best way to fly Americans into space?

If Griffin has nothing to hide about the ARES-I program and everything is going well, why all the consternation over the transition team asking questions? Just show them the studies and prove to them everything is on schedule.

Does Griffin realize that if John McCain had been elected the 44th President he would still need to submit his resignation on January 20th? Griffin was appointed by President Bush and his job ends on January 20 unless he is asked to stay by the next President.

Finally, why can't America develop a reliable and powerful LOX kerosene rocket engine to power manned spaceflight for the coming decades? Russia perfected this technology 40 years ago.