Tuesday, December 23, 2008


No, we're not suggesting that the not so good Governor of Illinois is being considered as the next Emperor. But its not really surprising that both names ended up in a Washington Post article today on the Worst Leadership Performances of 2008.

We've been telling you about one of them, in detail, for the past year.

We suspect both of them may eventually end up in the same place again some day soon. Politics makes for strange cell-mates, doesn't it?


Jon said...

In the event that TWO people need new careers in the new year, may I suggest that the Rocketman (or... is it a very cleverly disguised Rocketlady?) has a promising career ahead in writing. As for the Emperor, I have no doubt he could very happily spend some time in grad school awaiting the next opportunity. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to an online version of the WP article?

Anonymous said...

Did everyone read about the new plan to privatize the station? Within two years the winners (2) are to develop reasonably reliable rockets to get up and back along with the capability to conduct operations in and around the station as well as auto dock. Elon Musk is quoted as saying that it is a 'tall order'.

Seems that I remember a trial balloon floated months ago about turning the station over to private concerns and pushing on with exploration. It wasn't the noble drive to explore but the lack of funding that prompted that suggestion.

Now, one just has to ask, "Where is the money going?"

Anonymous said...

Let me say a 'big thank you' for running this site and giving a lot of kindred spirits a place to vent as well as discuss rational thoughts and ideas.

For some like myself, the decision has been made to find other venues of employment. For others, there is hope that someday their talents, thoughts and dreams may find expression.

All the best to you and yours and to everyone who reads and contributes, peace and prosperity in the times to come.

Anonymous said...