Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Revels? Or Rebels?

With the onset of cold breezes, snow, and spirited song echoing in the dense air, Revels, with a 'v,' celebrate the seasons and cycles of human life through the arts, the songs and dances, and the stories from traditional cultures. They recognize the events, desires, and dilemmas from another place and time as their own. They bring joy and smiles to young and old alike.

Rebels, with a 'b,' are those who see such dilemmas and resist the status quo authority to perpetuate them. At MSFC, the minions working on ARES-1 may now wear both sashes across their shoulders as they stand up to the Italian Waiter and decline to work on the misbegotten stick. There, too, many are deriving great pleasure and satisfaction for the display of technical integrity that these modern day Revels are standing up for.

Like any inexperienced supervisor, he has responded with threats and firings. As they say, the beatings will continue until morale improves. Perhaps January 16 would be a good day to consider for that turnaround?

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Anonymous said...

So RocketMan, did you get busted for running this blog? Is that why you've gone all quiet on us? Has the new spirit of "welcome open discussion" which the Emperor has spouted on about recently come crashing down on you?

Curious minds want to know if you've become the latest victim of this fascist regime.