Friday, November 7, 2008

Mandatory IQ Tests For Senators?

We have a suggestion. Actually, it should have been part of the Constitution we think.

All Senators should have to pass a minimum grade on an IQ Test.

We are pretty sure Sen. Nelson would lose his job.


Jon Goff said...

Come on Rocket Man, tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous said...

So would Obama and Biden.

Anonymous said...

How is this for an alternative - 535 people actually control this country. Collectively, they are known as Congress. With an approval rating in the low teens, it would have seemed obvious that almost 90% of us don't think they are doing a good job. That being the case, why didn't we vote them out?

Perhaps it is not Congress that needs to take the intelligence test before voting!

With that problem corrected, perhaps we could restore some measure of sanity and responsibility to the space program.

Anonymous said...

You should have been paying better attention. Both Senator Hutchinson and Nelson have publicly praised Griffin before in Senate hearings. As long as he is compliant to his political masters he should be safe.
If Ares I fails he will just change to a different SDLV.

Anonymous said...

Do that and about half the Congress would need to be elected afresh...

Anonymous said...

nelson wants to keep griffin, big deal.
griffinis sucking upby playing at shuttle life

the reality is the shuttle has a pretty good
chance of loss, and as soon as they lose
the next one it's over.

People are leaving the program, the good ones
to industry, the bad ones to Ares.

at some point the loss of staff and spares
and knowledge will lead to a shuttle loss

Anonymous said...

The Emperor took issue with the content of this and other blogs in AvWeek. His thoughts were that we generally had deficient backgrounds and experience and thus could never truly understand his concept.

Class dismissed.