Sunday, November 23, 2008

Curtain Call

As the days grow shorter, and night approaches earlier each day heading into the winter solstice, so to does the misbegotten reign of the Emperor come to evening twilight.

But the acting is not yet over at the E Street Theater.

Despite direction from the White House to assist and ease the transition for the Changelings, so that some outgoing positive legacy might be left behind, the Emperor continues on his own selfish path. The Playbill has been handed out to all of the minions, instructing them to turn away from the light and not cooperate with those who might bring an end to the chaos. All of the supporting cast of contractors have likewise been warned to keep data and opinions to themselves. It is a classless finish to a empty script. Such agression may perhaps be borderline illegal, like steroids, but fortunately, none who matter are paying heed to such malapropisms.

And, not that anyone's asking, but even now the man without cloth can not pass up a good opportunity to exit the stage with class. To stay in the press, the Emperor is starting to fabricate nonexistent issues, such as being forced to accept politically appointed staff, as if he might be asked to stay on (he won't) under unacceptable circumstances. Not that he hasn't already had to do that anyway.

It is time to find the hook. Bring down the curtain. Turn out the lights. Enough of our wages have been wasted going down this blind alley to watch this play without redemption. Time is up for this talentless cast of future waiters, waitresses, and bookworms. They have performed badly and the reviews are in.

This show must not go on.


Anonymous said...

But he promotes his minions! Down in the pit, we just keep being told to 'keep rowing'! Technical excellence is not the currency of the realm but the studious application of near space like vacuum in the -Z vector seems to win one the brass ring every time!

Anonymous said...

I wonder just where the emperor will go when he leaves? Who would be interested? We should start a pool.
ATK: 5:2
APL: 4:3
SpacEx: 1:1000000
LM: 1:200
Boeing: 1:100
ULA: 1:10000
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne: 1:3
Orbital: 1:5
Think Tank: 2:1
Second Tier University: 6:1
First Tier University: 1:50
Fox News: 1:1
Speaking Circuit: 2:1
Obscure Space-Cult Organization: 3:1

Anonymous said...

griffith will go to the contractor
who had the most money out of

Anonymous said...

Scholars go back to school.

Anonymous said...

The Emperor hasn't been able to get a new job with anyone yet. T'would seems nobody wants a naked Emperor on their payroll. Obama's team have already accepted his resignation with the date simply "TBD".

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! The Emperor is dead!

Long Live the New Emperor! Whom-so-ever that may be.