Monday, November 3, 2008

Eve of Change

Until the time machine is invented, it will not be possible to go back and start over, but we will start tomorrow to work towards a new ending.

No matter if you intend to pocket your coins, or offer back a "keep the change," in the voting booth tomorrow, one thing is for certain. Those who have egomanically taken us down in flames will not inhabit the castle when the torch is passed to light a different path.

The subdued tenor of the Viceroy's minions meeting today, as Hanley asked everyone to keep their noses down working to the stillborn plan, was bittersweet. Sad that so much leadership was misleading. Sad that so many resources have been wasted on a path that is barren of fruit. Sad that reputations of many honest, hardworking individuals have been tarnished in pursuit of a misguided and undisciplined program. But, Hanley will be relieved when the yoke of failure is removed from his neck.

And whole cloth will return to fashion on E Street.

Tomorrow we change course. Toward the second star on the right, and then straight on 'till morning.


kT said...

But will the new emperor want fine robes?
Or will he be happy with fresh overalls?

Ben the Space Brit said...

Well, kt, I get the impression that he won't be asked. It will be up to the new guy (or gal) to decide on the new dress code.

Anonymous said...

kt do you have even the slightest notion of what you are talking about?