Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whither Michoud?

The President, in no uncertain terms, set 2010 in stone. However, since that day in January 2004, its finality has been challenged.

Viceroy Hale tried to keep it afloat and it cost him his job. Sam Ting's self-interest continues to pressure several in Congress, and one presidential candidate, to suggest rejuvenation. The Russians and their tanks did their best to provide the rationale for us to do the same. Even the Emperor turned away from the direction he had followed most of his life to breath new life into it.

Now, come Monday morning, Mother Nature will have her say.


Anonymous said...

MAF has pretty good levees
and is on the interior.

If the generators hold up it will probably do okay.

Anonymous said...

and it appears Gustav is landing as a Cat 2
hurricane, so some minor damage but they
will be at 100% soon.

Now TS Hanna is on track for the atlantic coast
of florida. if it strengthens it could beat up

Knock the VAB Offline and that's months to

Anonymous said...

Grasping at straws and other flying debris here. The real question is do we continue to expend careers on this venture? Our careers do have a finite life. Without proper care, nourishment and self management, the skills wither quickly.

None of the 'rank-n-file' have the power to change the course of the program. Can't just sit around hoping the weather accomplishes what we are not able to do.

When we explain the problems to management their eyes just glaze over. They are not receiving the message. 200 technical errors in their major program description / requirements document and I know in a few days I will see it go through the board with flying colors.

Russia is feeling their oats and as a partner in exploration, they are now unreliable which means that we are the proud owners of 200+ tons of scrap metal in orbit that we will not be able to get to unless the shuttle is kept flying. Until the political reliability of the partnership is more stable, manned space flight is at an end.

Sic Transit Gloria