Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keep Me in Coach!

Speaking of selling one's soul...

Speculation is running rampant as to who is rich enough, dumb enough, and in a world of hurt enough to pay off the umpire after three strikes and keep the Bad News Bears in the game for at least one more try at Fire with a Little Less Smoke. In a post debacle statement Saturday night, the pitcher of record told his team that, in effect, he had made a small fortune out of his large one, burning through the $100M+ that he had set aside to get to home plate. Banging the Drum slowly, he said he was ready to accept blood money to make payroll for at least one more at bat.

Hmmmmmm, how to solve that riddle? Rich enough? Lots of folks like that in a League of Their Own. Dumb enough? Ditto. The Field of Dreams (a.k.a. Silicon Valley) has benches filled with losers who are looking to put one over the fence without working for it.

And then there are those Long Gone loony tunes. Not many of those Lunar X-Prize teams are going anywhere without the cheap ride the Falcon was going to provide. No ride, no moon, no exposure, no revenue? World of hurt.

So who is The Natural answer? Perhaps one needs to put all this into Google to find out who his Paying Pals are?


Anonymous said...

I heard $20 million from his buddies over at PayPal, which isn't a whole lot. I would rather buy it all up at fire sale rates myself. Honestly, I don't see how this can fail, he can use the Falcon 1 as booster for a real rocket, indeed, he could also use the Falcon 9 as booster for a real rocket. It just doesn't seem like more problems that a good physicist with a talent for breaking things couldn't fix.

The trick is, to break them before you fly them.

Anonymous said...

There is little value in spaceX,
aside from the engine technolgy.

The firm has a very high burn rate,
will require at least 400 million in investment
to get flying and go head to head
against boeing and lockheed.

That is a formula for disaster.

Anonymous said...

That means compared to Constellation, it's a fantastic success!

Kudos to SpaceX!