Thursday, August 28, 2008

Horsin' Around

Former Viceroy Hale, self-admitted shuttle hugger, who lost his job over trying to keep the program's continuation options open, now says "that horse has left the barn."

Meanwhile, the Emperor is changing horses in the middle of the stream. Or maybe we should say jumping on a donkey (and, no, we are not talking about BroomHilda this time) in a desparate effort to hold onto his job. Having flip-flopped on STS and ISS now as much as his new candidate has on supporting the space program, he's looking to fill the gap with our un-trusty winged stallion.

And now you, too, know what you get when you put the former Viceroy's horse with the Emperor's donkey.


Anonymous said...

A Mule does honest work.
A Mule is sweet tempered.
A Mule is strong and reliable.

Unlike the Ares or the Shuttle

Anonymous said...

If one really wanted to get rid of the shuttle once and forever, then one would have to come up with some viable alternative that uses the one irreplaceable thing shuttles can't fly without. Not the SRBs, not ETs, but the space shuttle main engines - the SSMEs. Otherwise, those things will be with us for quite a while - until they crash.

Quickly now, a dozen lives at are stake.