Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Union Jacked

Have the Brits gone bonkers? British scientists and engineers want to launch two habitation modules to ISS by 2011. A Russian-built Soyuz-Fregat rocket would loft the 3,532 cubic feet of additional living space. An outlay of about $1B would get them going.

But why? Britain would deliver a load of logistics equipment and pay for the running costs and supplies. Say again? $1B for a single load of logistics? That would be the most expensive, useless pounds to orbit ever. And how would the power, environment, and crew be supplied and supported by the already strained facility?

Its good to see that the world still has stars in its eyes, that participating in running in circles 200 miles up gets people moving, and the white elephant may get new neighbors.

But couldn't those scientists and engineers get a much cheaper thrill by just driving a jaguar at Silverstone for several laps?


kT said...

One would think that a 'big bill' would get them a launch vehicle, and then they could do lots of things in space, not necessary limited to manned or logistics flights to LEO.

I guess a 'bill' isn't as big as it used to be.

John Kavanagh said...

If they want to fly an orbital habitat module by 2011, the Brits should just buy a Bigelow Aerospace BA-330 module for $100 million and then outfit it with what ever lab equipment they deem necessary.