Sunday, January 13, 2008

All the Emperor's Men

The Emperor's Inspector General just doesn't seem to know his job. And the Emperor doesn't seem inclined to do anything about it either.

Last year, the President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency said the IG created a hostile workplace for his minions. At the same time he was in tight with with top NASA officials. That conclusion appeared to be supported when the Emperor said the PCIE report "does not contain evidence of a lack of integrity." He must have stopped reading the report early, as the PCIE really said disciplinary action, including removal from official, could be appropriate.

And now we find out that after filing 508 cases of wrongdoing in 2002, the IG filed just 68 last year. Either the IG is lazy, protecting the boss and his minions, or the minions themselves are finally treading the line (highly unlikely when compared to other government agencies of similar size).

Most likely, the IG if just following the example set by the Emperor himself. Isn't it about time the example gets improved?

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kT said...

On the contrary, this is the result one expects of an authoritarian regime. The same thing is happening at NOAA.