Thursday, January 17, 2008

San Andreas Fault

The rift is out in the open now. Only have to look in the weekend newspapers and shuttle manifest to see it.

Atlantis will not be retired after the Hubble repair mission. Gerst says there is no reason the shuttle couldn't fly an extra couple of years and he quietly oks relooking at the "unmanned orbiter" studies. Metal procured under the radar for additional ETs. Weldon and Hutchinson holding bake sales to keep shuttle flying. Nelson extracting the real story: 2010 is a goal, not a requirement.

Yet the Emperor loudly repeats for all to hear, "Shuttle retires in 2010." Except, now, no one is listening.

Shuttle hugs all around.


kT said...

I threw my wrench into the gears.

I think I can hear something klanking and klanging around in there.

Rocket Man said...

hmmmm, apparently it is also being amplified by the ARES thrust oscillation problem. let's see, ARES has an 11 Hz problem. The ORION SM first mode is 9 Hz, the CM is 13 Hz, your bladder is 9 Hz, and your chest cavity is 11 Hz. Maybe the sound you hear is just the program ripping your heart out???

kT said...

No, my heart was ripped out in the last few weeks of September of 2005.

Several years and several billion dollars was more than adequate time for me to design and build an entirely new mechanical heart from scratch, considering all the spare heart parts I have, and the long experience I have operating hearts.

But as it turns out it appears that I didn't even need a new heart, I had a couple of spare hearts in the closet all the time. Now these are big and heavy old fashioned hearts, and are very expensive to operate, so I was very careful that the new heart design uses only the best pumps from the old heart, and allows me to test many of the cutting edge aspects of modern heart design, while still using the old hearts, so that I can retire the malfunctioning heart with honor and dignity, and not stress it out.

So you see, I'm good to go!