Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bigelow Bellows

The modern day Howard Hughes, Bob Bigelow, found his voice in the desert and fired back at the Senator from Alabama this week for taking an unsubstantiated position on commercial space.

In a well articulated piece, Bigelow points out the inconsistencies in the Senator's logic which has led him to hold up stimulus package money being detoured out of his constituents hands. He also comes to the defense of a fellow out-of-pocket space cadet, making the case that more progress has been made by non-minions in the last four years than E Street can take credit for.

He may have built a shining destination in the sky with no way to get to it, but we suspect the method in the madness will become evident in the near term. Give him credit for now putting his mouth where his money is.


kT said...

I sense a rift in the force.

Anonymous said...

I see two space cadets that are looking for their own handouts.

Just how deep are the pockets of the anointed one?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a link to the original article?