Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Yellow Jacket for the Emperor

In an effort to plan for a life outside the confines of E Street, our (former)Dear Leader decided one day to go shopping for a late winter wardrobe. The real world can be a very cold when one lives without whole cloth.

Getting a bit of a Buzz, he visited a clothier in Georgia and found a yellow jacket to his liking. The store had one coat left that fit just right, but, alas, the Emperor could not stay long enough to have it fitted. It seems that he had to run back to E Street to wait for a call that never came. When he returned weeks later to the little store, he found the rack bare and the jacket already sold.

And so now he finds himself on the street, threadbare once again.

But the good children of Georgia can rejoice. For their Bud-ding new leader now wears the yellow jacket. They also have another thing to be thankful for. Their path to enlightenment will not be tarnished by yet another four year gap.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently he was stung by techies with a bigger ego than his own.