Sunday, May 4, 2008

Please Sir, I Want Some More?

The Emperor who needs new clothes, meet Oliver Twist.

NASA employees have used government credit cards to ring up iPods, video games and even clothes from the agency's own gift shop, while at other times using the cards in ways that sidestep competitive bidding rules, federal documents and a Houston Chronicle review of agency records show.

Bad designs, escalating risk, schedule slips, budget overruns, conflicted review boards, revolving doors (another big scandal that will be breaking next week, stay tuned), and now credit cards for personal use and even for avoiding competitive bids in some cases.

The Emperor and his minions want many more billions of dollars to send down the flame trench and yet still can't manage to develop a simple process to approve government credit card expense reports. How can we possibly trust them to watch over our dear taxpayers' dollars and our astronauts safety?

Maybe with the $270 worth of T-shirts and hats purchased from a NASA gift shop with a government credit card and justified by one cardholder as "safety attire?"

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Anonymous said...

another big scandal that will be breaking next week, stay tuned

Hopefully I can file away my current scandals to make way for the new scandals, I seem to be running out of scandal space and scandal processing capabilities. I may have to upgrade.

How many months till the election?